“A good beginning is of great importance.”

Catherine McAuley, RSM, Founder of the Sisters of Mercy


Step 1

Preview the demo on YouTube.


Step 2

Download the demo and save to your device.

Download the Demo Now

Step 3

Open the demo.

Step 4

The demo is fully functional. Demo users can add new contacts and interventions to the fictitious clients in the demo, but cannot add or change clients. Select the options that pertain to your ministry. The opening screen illustrates the scope of data that you can collect.

Step 5

Click on the box titled “Individual Clients.”

Step 6

Open the various pages of the chart. Clicking on any box with blue text will open up another form.
  • Demographics
  • Contacts
  • Interventions
  • Medications
  • Medical Conditions
  • Allergies

Step 7

Explore the various features in the demo, including Reports, Client Problems, and Client Outcomes.
  • Reports can be generated with ease to show the impact of your ministry. To generate a report, go to the opening screen. Click on the Reports button. Select the type of report you want to view.
  • Data for blood pressure screenings and small group activities can be efficiently entered via the buttons on the opening screen. To view sample data that has been entered for a blood pressure screening, type in:
    • Date: 101012
    • Site: SC (Senior Center)
    • Hours: 1
  • Using a wholistic care approach, you can document Client Problems under the following categories. Select one from the available menu or add your own.
    • Physical
    • Mental
    • Spiritual
    • Social
    • Financial
    • Relational
  • Rate Client Problems and Client Progress on a 1-5 scale, from “Emergency” to “Problem Resolved.”
  • Client Outcomes are easily identified and viewable.
  • Details are phrased in lay terms so clergy and health ministers can easily understand.
  • Faith community nurse interventions can be documented under the following categories:
    • Assess
    • Advocate
    • Counsel
    • Educate
    • Refer
    • Support

Each purchase includes:

  • A user’s manual that you can download
  • Online education
  • Ongoing customer support.

For more information or to order the Pittsburgh Mercy Parish Nurse & Health Ministry Program Electronic Documentation System, contact Bill Connolly at 412-759-5115.


The cost to purchase the Mercy Parish Nurse & Health Ministry Electronic Documentation System varies:

For health care organizations

$400 each

For churches and/or faith community nurses

$200 each

Note: Faith communities and faith-based organizations that have faith community nurses serving in multiple locations may be eligible for an additional discount. For details, please contact Bill Connolly at 412-759-5115.

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